This course gives an overview of JavaScript and programming generally. It does not cover libraries like jQuery. The course is divided into 4 lessons (~2hours each):


The students should have some familiarity with HTML/CSS (classes/ids). They do not need prior programming experience.


Each lesson includes:

The materials from the above lessons(slides, examples, exercises) can be downloaded in this zip file.

For this course, I recommend having the students use repl.it for the first two lessons, for easy JS debugging. That's also useful for in-class examples.

Related Resources

The content for the slides was based on consultation with a number of fantastic online resources, including the Eloquent JavaScript and MDN Guide on JavaScript. Those are recommended reading for teachers of this course. It was also inspired by these JS slidesets: Estelle's Intro to JS, Cathy's JS 101, WASP JS Intro, and GDI JS Materials.


This course was given by Pamela Fox in May, 2012 as part of GirlDevelopIt in San Francisco, California. The course was delivered over two weeks, on subsequent Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6-8pm.

If you are using this material and have questions/comments, feel free to leave them here or on the individual lesson pages.

Lesson 3: Objects


Objects, JS built-in objects


Additional Reading: