JavaScript 101 (Self-paced)

A self-paced, beginner-level workshop designed to introduce students to core programming principles and the JavaScript programming language.

Class materials and schedule

We will begin day one with brief lectures on basic programming principles and how to use Khan Academy.

After that, you'll work independently until you reach a project. The course materials include videos, challenges, and quizzes. Please use your headphones for all videos.

When you reach a "Project", you'll skip it, and work on it later with a pair.

If you get stuck at any point, find a TA or post in the help chat room.


Videos and Challenges

All videos and challenges are available here.

You should watch videos and complete challenges and exercises independently.

Pair Projects

A number of exercises in the course are labeled "Project". You will work on those with a pair during designated pairing time, so skip them when you see them and keep learning.