In this workshop, you will be coding part a small game in JavaScript.

The teachers will be working on the player's interface. You will be writing the functions.


This game will present the user with a small board with a goal. The player will have a starting position and will be able to navigate step-wise towards the goal. When the player reaches the goal, they have won the game.


Make sure you understand the game as described above. Next, read the following technical requirements and make sure you understand them:

Now, open up your text editor. In regular English, describe what each function should do using the following pattern:

Describe "the thing we're describing"
	It "should be or do x y and z"
	It "should have something called abc"
Here's an example:
Describe "a math library"
	It "should have a function called add that returns the sum of two numbers"
	It "should have a function called subtract that returns the difference of two numbers"

If you're done, share your steps with a partner!