JS: GreaseMonkey Exercise

In these exercises, you'll write GreaseMonkey scripts that will get run on webpage. First, learn more about GreaseMonkey:

In this exercise, you’ll make a GreaseMonkey script that will run on Amazon product pages for movies and TV shows (e.g., The Matrix), and add a link to your favorite review site, like Rotten Tomatoes or MetaCritic. The steps:

In this exercise, you’ll make a script to link dates on a website to Google Calendar create-an-event links, so that you can easily add an event from a website to your calendar.

In this exercise, you’ll write a script to color prices on Craigslist so it’s easier to browse at a glance.

The point of GreaseMonkey is to make the web more usable for yourself. Write a script that makes your web experience better in some way - think about how you use social media sites, Gmail, etc, and if there are things that annoy you about them. Have fun!