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Intro to HTML/CSS


This course gives an overview of HTML & CSS, with some mention of newer HTML5 features. There are six lessons and they can be done in a one-day workshop, though 2 days is preferred (HTML on first day, CSS on the second).


Students should be familiar with the web as a user, but do not need to have any programming or markup language experience.


Each lesson includes:

Related Resources

The content for the slides was based on consultation with a number of fantastic online resources, including the HTML5 specification, WASP Interact Curriculum, and the Opera Web Standards Curriculum. Those are recommended reading for teachers of this course.


This course was given by Pamela Fox on April 15, 2012 as part of Girl Develop It in San Francisco, California. It has since been given quite a few times by Girl Develop It SF.

If you are using this material and have questions/comments, feel free to leave them here or on the individual lesson pages.

Day 1: HTML

Day 2: CSS