Web Development Teaching Materials

This site hosts a variety of CC-licensed web development curriculum which was developed for GirlDevelopIt SF as well as conference trainings. This curriculum is designed to be taught, but it may be useful to students as well. This table lists all the curriculum:

Topic Prereqs Slides? Exercises? Duration
HTML & CSS None 10hrs
CSS3 HTML101 4-6hrs
CSS Tools & Techniques HTML101 2-3hrs
JS101: Intro to JavaScript HTML101 10-15hrs
JS102: JS Arrays, Objects, Functions JS101 6hours
JS200: JS and the Web JS101 5hours
JS201: JS and the DOM (Review) JS201 2-3hours
JS202: Chrome Developer Tools (coming soon) JS202 2-3hours
JS301a: jQuery Intro JS101 2-3hrs
JS301b: More jQuery JS201a 2-3hrs
JS302: AJAX/JSON JS201 2-3hrs
JS303: Client-side APIs JS203 2-3hrs
JS304a: Object-Oriented JS JS203 2-3hrs
JS304b: JS MVC JS204 2-3hrs
JS402: Backbone JS205 6hrs
JS404: Angular JS205 6hrs
JS410: d3 JS200 2-3hrs
HTML302: HTML5 Multimedia HTML101, JS101 2-3hrs
HTML303: HTML5 Storage HTML101, JS101 2-3hrs
HTML301: HTML5 Graphics HTML101, JS101 2-3hrs
DB101: Intro to Data Modeling None 2-3hrs
ALG101: Intro to Algorithms None 2-3hrs
WEB103: Hosting None 30mins
WEB102: Domains None 30mins
PROG101: Command-line None 30mins
PROG102: Git & Version Control None 30mins

Interested in teaching any of it?

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